Pro Bono

Pro bono – short for pro bono publico, "for the public good" – has come to mean professional services delivered at low or no cost to social change organizations. We define it as professional services (marketing, legal guidance, human resources, technology, and so on) donated to nonprofits to further their missions.

Pro Bono Models

Short-term Project

Private sector supports social purpose organizations through a short-term project such as forming a team to design marketing strategies.


Private sector grants its employees to be advisors in giving advices and training essential functional skills to social purpose organizations.

Service Grant

Private sector shares its services and channels such as public relations or distribution channels to a social purpose organization.

Loan Employee

Private sector grants its employees to work with a social purpose organization for a certain period of time. For example, engineer and accountant etc.

3 Steps to Pro Bono

What if nonprofits had the same marketing, technology, HR, and strategy resources as corporations?

Make it matter

"Thousands of professionals have used their skillsTo create change in their communities"


We strive to attract, develop and retain talented people we find, people who care and who work together.

Driven by passion, our people deliver on all our commitments; to our partners and each other. We act with openness, honesty and integrity so our relationships flourish.

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